The Virtuosi GUS Band Appeal for the 'Critical Care Centre', Hinchingbrooke Hospital

13 Nov 2009

Hinchingbrooke NHS Trust

As well as the playing members of the band, there is a small but dedicated team who regularly work behind the scenes. Christine Hazell has been assisting the band for many years now, working front of house at concerts, selling raffle tickets and programmes, and serving refreshments. Christine is the mother of Sally Bramley (and mother-in-law of Nigel), both of whom are in the cornet section.

Following terrible complications after a routine operation, Chris was admitted to the Intensive Care Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital on 20th August 2008.

With complications so severe, Chris was kept unconscious most of the time. She underwent approximately 14 operations and suffered terrible swelling. Chris was fully ventilated all the time, receiving antibiotics, various other drugs and could not maintain her own body temperature. As well as suffering a cardiac arrest, Chris also came very close to death on more than one occasion due to her severe and critical condition. Family members were by her side throughout this terrible ordeal.

When Chris woke it was November. With the outstanding medical care and supervision, coupled with Chris's own extraordinary strength and fitness, she gradually gained strength and was eventually allowed home at the end of January 2009.

All proceeds from the Virtuosi GUS Band's Christmas raffles and collection boxes will be donated to the Intensive Care Centre at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. This is in acknowledgement and support of the dedicated staff that cared for Chris and their understanding and support with her family and friends.

Please give generously if you can. Thank you for your support.