Unforgettable Fireworks Night

6 Nov 2005

The band were delighted to welcome Robert and David Childs as guest soloists at their concert held at the Spinney Hill Theatre, Northampton, on Saturday 5 November 2005.

The evening proved to be a memorable night of music, with the Father and Son team performing to the delight of the audience and band alike.

Despite the date, the theatre was very well-filled with an enthusiastic audience and they were not to be disappointed. The band were on top form in their own performance items, which was then augmented by the outstanding performances from Robert and David Childs.

The solos included Grandfather's Clock, A Little Prayer by Robert, with Carnival of Venice and Myfanwy being played by David. Then, to the delight of the audience, Robert and David performed a mind-blowing duet rendition of Brillante (Peter Graham), followed by a heart-felt 'Softly As I Leave You'. In true spectacular form, they then provided their own fireworks display with an impressive duet version of 'Flight of the Bumblebee'.

A fantastic evening of music making!