Listen Again to the Travelesphere Holidays Band on BBC Radio 2

3 Mar 2005

We are delighted to announce that the Travelsphere Holidays Band will be the featured band on the forthcoming BBC Radio 2 Brass Band programme, 'Listen To The Band' (88-91 FM), presented by Frank Renton at 9.30pm on Friday, 1st April 2005. reports:

"Frank Renton presents a band formed originally in 1933 as The Munn and Felton's Works Band. Today the Travelsphere Holiday's Band are currently one of the best bands in the Midlands. With conductor Dave Stowell tonight's programme of specially recorded music includes the March Australasian, written by William Rimmer which he dedicated to the Brass Bands of Australasia, an Overture by Weber from an Opera he never got round to finishing 'Ruler of the Spirits' and the theme to a classic world war two TV series Band of Brothers".