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10 May 2008, Dr Robert Childs' remarks from the Grand Shield contest.

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But in case the hand-writing is still beyond your eyesight:
Well graded opening leading to a musical theme and 1st vari.
Just the right feel for the scherzo (v.2) super dynamics.
Good transition into cafe life and this flows well and has a 1940s Big Band feel.
Classy playing v.4.
Excellent v.5.
Again the scherzo has a nice light touch.
Super perc at v7, so restrained.
Sensitive transition into M and the soloist shows style and just the right cantabile style.
S.D not even at v.9 - but this is a real characteristic Viennese Gallop - great.
Scena just got a bit stuck in the mud (too slow).
Super bt - good cnt - euph a bit too animated.
Notturno - one or two small slips but all the music flows with musical purpose.
Untidy one before U.
Some intonational issues between V - W.
Super playing throughout Rondo - breathless!
A real grandstand finish.
A mature performance - great soloists and very well shaped.
Just the odd moments of lack of detail.

You might wish to compare that with the reviews on 4barsrest:

Virtuosi GUS, John Berryman 5
Fine sounding ensemble and most detail is heard. Mozart/Wilby elements are well defined and we hear a cool life led by super sop. Great duet from flugel and second horn. This is good stuff so far. More quality work follows with neat gallop leading to a restrained solo/duet work in notturno. Build to finale is well maintained but fugue takes time to get going. Picks up pace to a rousing Turkish delight of a finish.
Overall: A very enjoyable performance this Ė the leader so far for us and could be up there come the end.

There were four bands in it for us with Leyland just edging Tredegar into second with Reg Vardy and GUS close behind. Donít be surprised if it goes to any of these though.