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Original announcement of the formation of the Munn and Felton Works Brass Band. Reproduced by kind permission of the Northants Evening Telegraph

The text of the article is as follows:

Brass Band to Represent Shoe Firm
The recent energy and enterprise of Messrs. Munn and Felton, boot and shoe manufacturers, of Kettering, which until three years ago was comparatively little known in the town, has culminated, not only in the fact that at the present time it employs 400 hands, and turns out 11,000 pairs of boots weekly, but that it is the first boot firm in Kettering to promote its own works’ brass band.
For eleven years now the firm has been in existence, and its latest enterprise is certainly one that strikes a new note in Kettering.
The idea of a brass band for the works had been in the mind of the directors of the firm for some time, it being well backed up by the comforting thought of 18 employees who were proficient instrumentalists.
The culminating point was reached on Thursday last, when at a meeting of these employees and others concerned the band, to be known as the “Munn and Felton Works Brass Band”, came into being. Mr. F. L. Felton (co-managing director of the firm), a primary mover in the innovation, was elected to the position of president, whilst in the election of vice-presidents, the names of Mr. F. Munn (the other co-managing director) and Mr. C. W. Richardson were put forward.
Instructor and Bandmaster
Mr. W. Groome, of Wellingborough, well-known in brass band circles on account of his ability, was appointed to take temporary charge of the instruction of the new combination, and Mr. S. Boddington, a popular Kettering cornettist, who works with the firm was given the position of bandmaster.
Mr. A. S. Felton (brother of Mr. F. L. Felton) was appointed to the positions of secretary and treasurer.
On Saturday only two days after the band’s inception, a party, including Mr. F. L. Felton, Mr. Groome, Mr. Boddington and Mr. A. S. Felton, went to London and purchased an entirely new set of Boosey and Besson instruments.
These will be “blown in” at the band’s first practice to-morrow (Tuesday) night.
This, naturally entailed considerable outlay, but money had been forthcoming from many generous donors. These included: Messrs. Munn and Felton, £25: Mr. F. L. Felton, £10: Mr. F. Munn, £10: Mr. C. F. Connell, £10: Mr. S. Date, £10: Messrs. Dorr and Jackson, ten guineas: the Standard Engineering Co., Ltd., ten guineas: Mr. A. J. Spence, five guineas: and the Express Transport Co., Ltd., five guineas. The total amount was made up by subscriptions of a lesser amount.
Band’s Ambition.
Those connected with the band are out to make it the finest combination in the country, and to make it a contesting band of note throughout the country.
It certainly has a good start, with 18 real good bandsmen in the firm’s employ, and a host of younger employees keenly anxious to be initiated into brass banding. No pressure or influence to join the band at all has been brought to bear on employees who formerly belonged to other organisations (state the directors). They joined entirely voluntarily and willingly.
The band will be another useful asset to the town and will lend itself, amongst other things, in the service of charitable and other good causes, as well as being open for engagements.
Its career will be no half-hearted matter, as it is to be run under first-class conductors.
First Public Appearance.
The inaugural appearance of the band in public will be at the first annual tea in the Kettering Central Hall on January 20th.
This event, which is arranged by the directors for the employees and their wives or husbands, and others, will open with a tea, after which there will be a concert by the band, to which the public will be admitted. The proceeds from this will be given to the Kettering Unemployed Relief Fund.
During the evening, Councillor H. J. Potter (chairman of the Kettering Urban Council) will officially present the instruments to the band. Solos will be given by Mr. S. Boddington.
Regardiing other items at this function, an announcement will appear in the advertisement columns of the “Evening Telegraph” later.