Amy Ball

Amy started playing the cornet aged 7 and at the age of 9 was introduced to the Lions Youth Brass organisation where she joined their Junior Band. In 2003, just a year after joining Lions, Amy progressed to the Youth Band where she enjoyed many of the band’s tours including to the Czech Republic and the Costa Blanca.

In 2007, Amy joined the North West-based Roberts Bakery Band, shortly after, the band went on to win the First Section North West Regional Championships. In 2009, Amy’s playing career took a leap forward as she progressed to Solo Cornet at Roberts Bakery Band at the same time as her appointment as Principal Cornet of Lions Youth Brass, a position she held until she left to go to University. During her 2 years as Principal Cornet, Amy led the band in great competition successes including runners up in the National Youth Brass Band and Butlins Mineworkers Youth Section Championships. When leaving Lions in 2011, Amy was awarded the prestigious bandsperson of the year award at the organisation’s 21st birthday celebrations.

In 2011 Amy moved to Liverpool to start University, but continued to play with the Roberts Bakery Band throughout this time, during which she enjoyed many high profile concerts with the band including the Bluedot Festival, as well as a further two wins at Regional Championships, three National Finals appearances and trips to Estonia and Germany.

At the beginning of 2019 Amy completed her PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool and decided to leave the Roberts Bakery Band after 12 years to pursue travelling ambitions to parts of Asia and the USA and to accept a position as a Regulatory Medical Writer in Oxford. This move further south meant Amy was able to join The GUS Band on Solo Cornet as of July 2019.